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Trudi & Phoebe

Together, mother & daughter have created Trudi's Designers, allowing young children to experience the thrill of creating and designing their own designed and sewn fashions in a fun and innovative way!

TRUDI is no stranger to fashion. As a teen she traveled the world as an international model and actress. In her early twenties she worked with various New York directors on many National advertising campaigns as a set designer. With great success, she brought their storyboards and visions to life.


In 2003 she created her company, TESA Interior Design


Using her set design experience, interior design skills and her creative vision to her client’s homes throughout New England. Proudly she has also received great credit for her talent in designing and sewing all her own custom window treatments and accessories.


When Trudi is not working as an interior designer she finds great pleasure in working with children and teaching them her craft of sewing. She displays great patience and has achieved in her 30 years the honor of watching her students excel in talent and confidence.

PHOEBE started designing her own dresses at the age of four. At eight she started sewing lessons from her mother making her own clothes for her American Girl Dolls and stuffed animals. She immediately fell in love with the endless possibilities involved with creating something new and unique. At nine, with her mother they starting her first business. She is excited to share her experience with children her age.

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