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Love Letters

AUTHOR: Karen Steinberg 

Hi Trudi- We loved the class- thanks so much!

Here is my review: this class is unique, creative and fun and perfect for anyone who loves to craft, sew, make doll clothes and learn new things! Trudi is hardworking, energetic and creative and so accomodating to help the kids have a great time.

AUTHOR: Christine Hicinbothem Watt 

Trudi, Carly is having the best time in your class! She is so proud of her creations! She is so happy. Thank you so much!

AUTHOR: Shauna Downey
Lots of compliments on Bridget's table runner! It was a great addition to our Easter table!
 AUTHOR: Kerrie Otipoby
Stella had an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC time!! Thank you!
AUTHOR: Barbara Manson
Amazing You are a very clever young lady beautiful job on such a pretty model

AUTHOR: Jill Tomlinson-Gustafson 

Teaching girls to sew, opening theirs minds to be creative,while making beautiful doll clothes. A skill that will last a lifetime. Awesome

AUTHOR: Stephanie Katz

Thank you Trudi Erklin Savas and Pheobe-Rachel loved, loved, loved the design class!!

AUTHOR: Jan Dash

Anything that Trudi puts her hands to will be gorgeous!

AUTHOR: Mia Ratta Silva

Karissa loved it, great job on the dress, I am impressed....i will never have to go shopping again, how many can say they have their own designer and seamstress?

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