Class Descriptions

Every Monday the students that participate for the week will vote on projects they would like to make for the week. This ensures that the students enjoy the projects made and learn while having fun!

Those projects will be posted on Face Book, Instagram and the website so anyone can join in.

Weekly Workshop students benefit from 

*Sewing repetition and learning skills. 

*Monday's vote for projects of the week in each category.

* Our incentive sewing game with Thursday prizes.

Stars are awarded for each task performed in threading machine, sewing straight lines, filling a bobbin, cleaning up etc. The student with the most starts wins a prize. Great fun and great learning process.


*Fun and socializing!

* Mondays - Interior Design Projects

Students will learn to use the sewing machine, layout patterns and pin to sew and design from a large array of fabrics, trims, ribbon, lace and jewels.

Project ideas voted on:; pillows, hand towels, table runners etc.

* Tuesdays - Designer T-Shirts & sew projects

* Wednesdays - Designer Craft / Stuffies

Students will research and pick from unlimited .jpg images/artwork & learn to transfer into .svg's.

The students will design their shirts on the computer and Cricut. Then layout vinyl and *hot press onto their shirts. 

*age appropriate only. Under age with help.

*Thursday - Fashion Design & Fashion Show

Students will sketch, choose fabrics, trims, lace and bobbles to create their one of a kind heirloom craft.

Project ideas voted on: Ice Cream Cones, Hamburgers, Swans, Puppies, Kitties etc.

Students will make their own clothing. They will choose fabrics and trims to customize the fashion styles they are chasing. For those interested we will build smiles and confidence with a fun no pressure fashion show at pick-up! Some of the projects they will be voting on are; Summer Shirts, PJ Bottoms, Bathing Suit Cover-Ups Skirts or American girl/Build-A-Bear Clothes.

* Fridays - Designer Bags

Students will review sewing skills learned and choose from fabrics, trims and bobbles to produce their designer bags.

Project ideas voted on: Backpacks, Beach Bags, Zipper coin pouches etc.


$75 a day Monday - Thursday

$50 for Friday

(if combined with 4 days of workshop)

Call or text for:

*10% sibling discounts

(if combined with 4 days of workshop)