My daughter Phoebe (14) and I made it through the pandemic by sewing, selling and donating over 10,000 face masks to thousands of faces in desperate need. March of 2020 we made National news with a simple idea that many & most thought "CRAZY". It was a mask double lined with 100% breathable cotton to prevent the spread of germs and help preserve the medical masks N-95. CRAZY right? Who would have thought our World would shut down for over a year? Still today everyone is wearing them.

Anyway, once word was out of our efforts news spread across the country and calls and orders started coming in. We never turned down a call for help. We have covered the public, medical field, reservations, schools, gyms, the hearing impaired, marching bands and many more. 

Here is a list of all our donations made.

I am very proud of our efforts and thank everyone for their help with donations and purchases to make that happen.

Let’s move on to a better, brighter and healthier 2020!

Now we move back to teaching the art of sewing and new life skills!

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